Publicity helps you express yourself freely. Instead of constantly worrying about the wrong person reading your writing, here you can relax and let the words flow out of you.

To enable this, gives you full control over how your words get out into the world. Whether you want to keep your writing completely private, limited to a certain audience, or sent out to the world wide web, you can do so with our flexible blog publicity settings.

Getting Started

If you go to your blog's Customize page, you'll see a section labeled Publicity. This is where you can configure who gets to see your blog.

You can choose from the following options.


All blogs start off as Unlisted by default. This means that anyone with your blog's link can read your posts. Will future employers be looking at your blog? Do you mainly distribute your posts through social media? Link to your blog on your personal site? “Unlisted” is a great fit in all of these cases.

This is the only option available to Free users. With a Pro subscription, you'll unlock all possible publicity settings.


The Private setting keeps your blog accessible only to you, while you're logged in. This is perfect for personal journals, fully-private drafts, and works-in-progress that aren't ready for the world yet.


Set your blog to Password-Protected to grant access to readers who have a special password that you choose. This allows you to share drafts and other work only with trusted readers, while keeping out others who might come across your site.


Public blogs are automatically showcased on our reading hub, Read This is made for writers who don't need as much privacy and want to gain exposure in our community and beyond.

You can learn more in our Public Blogs guide.

Multiple Blogs

With multiple blogs as part of the Pro subscription, you can have three blogs coexist with distinct or overlapping publicity types.

Imagine having one blog that is your daily journal (“Private”), one blog for personal updates that only your family can see (“Password Protected”), and then another where your articles on programming can live for fellow programmers and potential employers to read (“Unlisted”).

We want to help you speak your mind, whether it's to everyone, a couple people, or even just to yourself. With, you have the ability to choose one or all of the above with our blog publicity options.

Get started with Pro for as little as $5 per month.

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