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What if your blog could be connected to an intimate public square? provides this kind of space on Read, where anyone can spread their writing without relying on other social platforms.

Get started by selecting the “Public” setting on your blog, available to all Pro subscribers.

Getting Started

Making your blog public is simple. Just head to your Blogs page, find the blog you want to be public, and click the Customize option underneath it.

Once there, scroll down to the Publicity section. Notice how your blog is unlisted by default. You can always keep it that way for other personal blogs. For this blog, however, let's change that. Click the “Public” option and save the changes.

Your blog is now public! What does that mean? Along with a shareable link, your blog posts will be displayed on Read But what is Read


Getting reach for a blog can be tricky. You either sacrifice privacy for publicity by subscribing to a siloed service or sacrifice publicity for privacy by using software that leaves you isolated from the start. With Read, we wanted to provide an open community on top of a platform that already keeps your identity safe and cultivates free expression. Think of it as an intimate public square for writing.

So now, every time you publish on your “Public” enabled blog, your posts will also go to Read for others to read.

This goes both ways, too. You now have a wealth of writers to engage with. Feel free to explore Read page by page. You can also read through posts in the community that use popular hashtags, like #personal. Anyone can join these conversations by adding them into your own posts.

Like any public square, we want to ensure that everyone feels welcome to congregate there. To promote that, Read has public community guidelines that outline what's expected from writers there. This allows the space to continue to thrive as a healthy ecosystem.

Read is the built-in community that complements the principled writing experience offered by Your writing can reach others without giving up your control or privacy. Join the public square with “Public” enabled blogs on

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