Enabling Federation

Write.as supports federation via ActivityPub, a protocol spoken by popular platforms like Mastodon (an alternative to Twitter). This means that when you enable federation for your Write.as blogs, they'll get their own handle that people can follow from the fediverse.

Finding your handle

To find your handle, go into your blog's settings. Under Updates will be your blog's fediverse handle, following the format “blog-title@write.as”.

Federation handle for Write.as blog

Click the button to enable and save your changes. Your blog now federates!

Following your blog

To follow your blog, open Mastodon and search for the fediverse handle in your settings page. You can also search using your blog's url. An account of your Write.as blog should appear. Click follow and you'll start seeing future posts in your timeline, where you can favorite or boost them to your followers.

Federation and changing your username

If you change your username, a new fediverse handle will be created. The previous fediverse handle will stop being updated. Anyone who was following your previous fediverse handle will not automatically be following the new one. This means they will have to follow the new handle in order to receive your most recent posts.

Federation and using a custom domain

Using a custom domain for your Write.as blog will create a new fediverse handle. So, if you want to use a custom domain and federate, make sure you set up your custom domain first before enabling federation. That way you won't encounter federation problems similar to changing your username.

Additional Troubleshooting

If you run into any other trouble with your blog's federation, use this topic on our discussion forum for help. If a solution is not presented to your problem there, report your problem on that topic and the community will help.


To see federation in action, watch a demo of how it works.

ActivityPub Mentions

You can mention users of Mastodon, Pleroma, and other ActivityPub platforms from your blog. To mention someone, insert @handle@their.instance in a blog post. Once published, the fediverse user will see your post mentioning them in their notifications.