Setting Up a Custom Domain supports independent writers and creators with the ability to use your own domain on our service. With a Pro subscription, you can connect a custom domain to each of the blogs on your account. Simply update your DNS settings and we'll take care of the rest — including SSL support, which comes standard.


Create a DNS record for your domain based on the type of domain you're using (this is usually done through your domain registrar):

Domain Record type Value / Data
Top level (e.g. A-record
Top level (optional) AAAA-record 2001:4800:7810:0512:500b:b07c:ff05:8178
Subdomain (e.g. CNAME

Note: “” is the literal value you should insert. In other words, do not replace “me” with your username or otherwise alter it.

Back on

Go to your Blogs page, press Customize on the blog you want to add a custom domain to, and select the “Custom Domain” option. Enter your domain name (e.g. or and press the save button.

It may take a little while for the DNS changes to update, so if your site isn't showing up right away, check again in a bit. You might also see a delay in your SSL certificate generating. When its ready, your site will automatically start redirecting to its secure version.

Still having trouble? We're happy to help.