Publish via Email

Email can be used for more than work.

Give it a creative outlet with publishing on blogs via email – a Pro feature.

Getting Started

Go to your blogs page, find the blog you want to publish to via email, and click the Customize option.

Once on the Customize page, scroll down until you see Email. There you should see an email address that looks similar to this.

This is the email address where all the magic happens. By sending an email to this address, you will be publishing the email's contents to your blog. With that in mind, do make sure to keep this email address secure.

Let's try this feature out by sending a test post to the address. Open up an email client of your choice and paste the email address from the Customize page into the “To” field. Now we can start writing our post.

Writing your Post

Composing your post is just like writing any other email. There are just a couple things you have to take note of. Your message's subject will become the title of the post. Feel free to leave the subject empty too – titles are optional on The body of your email will become the post. We support HTML (to get technical – we convert it to markdown) and plain text, so just format the text like any other email.

Once your email is ready to go, click send. So what will the email look like on your blog? Head on over to find the email beautifully formatted as a post!

Use Cases

How could such an email publishing feature be used? Perhaps you want to post to your blog from your phone. Instead of opening in a browser, open your email app and post from there. Maybe you want to have a blog that you and your friends post to. Instead of sharing a username and password, share the email address. These are but a couple ways. We look forward to seeing what you come up with.

At its core, gets your thoughts down, and published, fast. Email publishing for blogs is another way can help you do that.

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