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Get started on our simple writing platform. makes it easy to publish an article without a blog, using our “anonymous posts” feature.

Anonymous posts are only identified by a secret, unique ID. Unlike posts connected to a blog, they aren't publicly connected to an identity unless you make it known in the post that you wrote it. A reader can't link your anonymous posts back to you by default. only links anonymous back to you when you're logged in. That way you can keep track of your published anonymous posts on your Posts page. When you're logged out, however, doesn't know about all of the anonymous posts you wrote, since they're not connected to a single account. This gives you the best privacy on the platform, at the expense of a little convenience.

While private by default, anonymous posts can also be shared with others. After publishing an anonymous post, you will notice that the top bar includes a Share option. You can click this to show the anonymous post's URL, which you can easily copy and paste to share with others.

Anonymous posts open the door to possibilities where a blog post would be too much:

Need to send a grocery list to your partner? Put the list in an anonymous post and share the link with them.

Have a thought that's more than 240 characters? Write an anonymous post and share the link to Twitter instead of making a longer thread.

Want to write a stand-alone short story? Publish your story as an anonymous post and share the link with friends.

Need someone to look over a draft? Make the draft an anonymous post and share the link with your editor.

Have an article that's unrelated to your blog? Still publish it as an anonymous post and share the link on social media.

Want to share a code snippet? Copy that code into an anonymous post and share the link with your colleague.

However you choose to use them, anonymous posts are a way that you can express yourself with peace of mind.

If you can write CSS, you can customize the appearance of your blog (a Pro feature).


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