Getting Started is a clean, lightweight platform that helps you focus on your words. Here, you should write as you naturally would: add spacing to your poetry, add paragraphs to your prose, and emphasize text with characters like asterisks (*). No matter what you write, it'll come out looking great.

But if you want a little more control over how things look, read this guide to learn how to add titles, images, and formatted text.

Adding a Title

Titles on are optional, but easy to add. Do it one of two ways:

1.) Write it on the first line, separated from the rest of the content. The title will appear with the same font size as the rest of the post.

Title of my Post

Content begins here, which was started after the blank line above.
Since there was a blank line, "Title" will be the title of the post
that shows up in the top of the browser window. But since we didn't
go out of our way to indicate that was our title, it will also display 
normally with the rest of the text on the post itself.

2.) Explicitly mark a title by starting your post with a hash symbol (#), a space, and then your title. The title will be a large heading.

# Title of my Post

By starting a line with the hash symbol (#) and a space immediately
after it, knows that you wanted to use the following text on
that line ("Title of my Post") as the true title of your post.

Now, not only will "Title of my Post" show up in the browser's title 
bar, but it will also show in big letters at the top of this post's page.

Formatting Text

In short, we use a special kind of syntax called Markdown that lets you format text (like I just did) with a few special characters. Here's what it looks like:

# Header 1
## Header 2
### Header 3

* Bulleted
* List

1. Numbered
2. List

**Bold** and _Italic_ and `Code` text


(horizontal rule):

If you put that in the editor and press publish, you'll see this:

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

  1. Numbered
  2. List

Bold and Italic and Code text



(horizontal rule): also does its best to support the exact spacing you put in your posts.

So you can freely add new lines.

And even get creative with your s p a c i n g

Our goal is to be as intuitive as possible, using that thing you already have your hands on — your keyboard. Don't be afraid to try out different things and see how they work!