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Write.as gives you the same focused experience when you publish as when you write. Take full control over how your writing looks with custom display formats.

Getting Started

On the Customize page, scroll down to see an option called Display Format. This is where you can configure how your posts are shown.

Let's look at some of them.


This is the classic ordering for a blog: latest posts at the top with dates shown. It's perfect for when you want readers to see your most recent post when they arrive on your site.

You can use this format for more than traditional blogs. Many utilize it for keeping friends and family updated with their writing or posting about upcoming events.

“Blog” is the only format offered in the Free subscription. But for the Pro subscription it is just a default. Here are the two other formats included.


This format hides dates and puts things in chronological order, so readers see the first thing you wrote first.

This is perfect for serial forms of writing. Each post can be an individual chapter or section of a larger piece. Whether it be a story or a work of non-fiction, “Novel” guides people to read the work in the order you intended.


Like “Novel”, the dates are hidden. However, this keeps the most recent posts at the top as “Blog” does.

Some writing can still be chronological while not needing to be labeled by a date. Poets who want to put out evergreen poetry over time while keeping the home page of their blog fresh for incoming readers would find this format useful. “Notebook” also works for a private blog where you just want to jot down ideas.

Multiple Blogs

With multiple blogs as part of the Pro subscription, you can have three blogs with different formats and functions.

The first blog could be where your writing about programming lives (“Blog”), the second blog could be used as a place where you record quotes you find interesting (“Notebook”), and the third could be for that novel you are writing for NaNoWriMo (“Novel”).

Writing can take many forms. It could be a blog, a novel, or even a notebook. Cultivate your modes of expression with Write.as.

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