Cross-Posting with Ghost makes it easy to publish to where your online publication exists, on platforms like Ghost. But sometimes you want to write without dealing with the overhead of a CMS. With our distraction-free editor, gives you a seamless writing experience that helps you focus on expressing your thoughts. In this guide, we'll show you how to get started writing on and publishing to your Ghost instance.

Getting Started

We will assume you have your Ghost site running. If not, check out their resource guide for setting up one. Within the admin panel of your Ghost site, click Integrations. From there, click the bottom option of adding a custom integration.

Add a name to the integration and then click Create. From there it will redirect you to the integration details.

You will need two things: the Admin API key and the API URL. Open up a window for your blogs page and scroll down to Channels. You should see an option for enabling Ghost. Click the button. will ask for your Admin API Key and API URL (called “Ghost Instance URL” in the form). Copy and paste those values into the form and click Connect.

When you go back to the blogs page, the Ghost integration should now appear under Channels listed as your Ghost blog's URL.

Cross-Posting to Ghost

Now that cross-posting to your Ghost site is set up, let's test it out. Open up the editor and write up a post, whether anonymous or for one of your blogs. When the post is ready, open up the Publish to... drop-down. Below the Anonymous and blog options is one for publishing to your Ghost site.

Click to enable and publish the post.

When you go to the Ghost site connected to, the post you just published will be there – a title (if there is none it will be called “Untitled”), the body of the post, and images (if you added them). At the time of publication, hashtags are unsupported.

After this, Ghost cross-posting is automatically enabled for any future post you make – no clicking the Ghost option every time. But if you do not want a post to go to your Ghost instance, just return to the Publish To... dropdown and toggle off the Ghost option. Turn it back on when you feel ready to cross-post again. The free plan allows 3 cross-posts a month. With a Pro subscription you can enjoy unlimited cross-posting.

We believe you should be able to write freely and syndicate freely. Take your writing to a place where you can take full advantage of modern online publications with cross-posting to Ghost.

Get started with Pro for as little as $5 per month.

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