Creating a Blog makes it easy to publish under multiple identities, so you can separate your writing by audience and express yourself more freely — all from a single account, with your privacy intact.

Getting Started

Go to your Blogs page. Under the first blog there will be the New Blog... option. Click it and you will be prompted to fill in the name of the blog. Fill in a unique name for your blog and click the Create button.

Once you click the Create button you will see the blog appear in the list of blogs on your Blogs page. You just created a new blog!

Title & Alias

There are a couple things to know about your newly created blog. Each blog comes with an alias and a title. Both of these are taken from the name you gave your blog when you created it.

The alias is the unique and unchangeable slug in your blog's url. In the previous example, the name “Blog for Writing” creates the alias “blog-for-writing”. This will appear in the url: The title is the title displayed on your blog. If you want a particular alias for your blog, you should enter that when creating a blog, and then go to the new blog's Customize page and change the title to what you want.

To continue upon the previous example, we can go to the new blog's Customize page and change the blog's title from “Blogs for Writing” to “Blogs for Typing”. Notice how the new title appears on the blog but the alias is still “blog-for-writing”:


When you create a new blog, it is a unique, individual identity. No reader can see that your blogs come from the same account. Only you know through your Blogs page. This means that each blog can be used however you want.

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